Why Barefoot??

Because being barefoot to me is being raw. Feeling every sharp rock, lush clover, spiky thistle, cushioned blade of grass, slimy covered stones, fragrant feathered flowers, cereal of sand, bead of water, element of litter, and the mash of mud.

Being Barefoot is the promise of prancing in the moonlight, leaping in the waves, running through a meadow, dancing on the porch, and doing all this while enduring a long journey to the end.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I have lived a life this week. I find myself taking more joy in day to day living than ever before. The waking up, the exercising of my body, the reading of scriptures the interaction of my children, spouse, family, friends, and acquaintances. As I look back on this week I can see the different things that I have done, that have helped other people. Nothing major, simple, really simple, ie.... phone call, smile, listening. It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes.

“Every man and every person who lives in this world wields an influence, whether for good or for evil. It is not what he says alone; it is not alone what he does. It is what he is. Every man, every person radiates what he or she really is. . . . It is what we are and what we radiate that affects the people around us.

“As individuals, we must think nobler thoughts. We must not encourage vile thoughts or low aspirations. We shall radiate them if we do. If we think noble thoughts; if we encourage and cherish noble aspirations, there will be that radiation when we meet people, especially when we associate with them.’ (Man May Know for Himself, p. 108.)

I believe this with my whole heart. Just the fact that we are here on earth, means we are wielding an influence. There is no getting around that, your here so you are an influence, but where the choice comes in is whether that influence is good or evil. This also relieves some pressure I have felt this week about my weight loss. Yes, I am helping or inspiring others around me to get healthier, but if I wasn't influencing them in that way I would be influencing them in some other way wouldn't I. So relax, Barb do your thing, and let the ripples of influence roll. It also made me think of a quote I see several times a day.

This is my fridge. I love all of these quotes but the one I am referring too is

"We will live out our thoughts for everyone to see."

Can you understand how powerful that quote is? If we consider ourselves lazy, obese, or unworthy of obtaining a healthy body that is what we will ultimately be. It won't matter how hard we try or how many calories we consume or exercise off. We will live out our thoughts for everyone to see. So it comes down too how do we change our thoughts? And the next quote.

This is my kitchen/basement door, and I love it. The thought I want to tell is the one that has LIFE, written on it.

"How to change; Change your THINKING, which will change your FEELINGS, which will change your, ACTIONS which will change your LIFE."

This is something again, that I have implemented and can say works 100% in my life.
Now all of this takes some serious commitment and work, but I promise that it is worth it. Of course you can't change thinking and then lose weight you still have to change your feelings and actions. But so many of us try and do this backwards, first we change actions but without the other changes the actions will not become permanent. But best and easiest way to change your thinking is through prayer. I know Heavenly Father created me and my body but he also created my spirit and since He created it, He can also help me recreate it in a way that is more pleasing to Him and me. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and have peace, He can and WILL help us in this endeavour, no matter who you are, what you have or haven't done, He will help. Now just giving you a heads up that it most likely won't happen in the way you think it will. It will happen in the Lord's way and in his timing, but don't give up, keep moving forward, keep the faith and all things will be for thy betterment. Which brings me to my last quote, from the door this week. Can you see it without me telling you?

Yes that's it

P.S. Still working on the not eating while on the phone, seriously, can it really be that hard??? Now that I think about it isn't it like super rude to eat while your on the phone??? Enough already.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moments and Millstones

I had a few weight loss moments lately that I would like to share with you.
The first being, that I weigh the same as my husband with his slippers on. Here is the proof.

That feels so good, it has always been something that has kinda of bugged me. Call me old fashion but I want to be smaller than my husband.

Today in the grocery store the clerk asked me "If I was a fitness guru?" After looking at her a little funny, she said "Just cause your wearing that cool jacket you just look like someone who is in to fitness stuff." While restraining myself from jumping over the counter to kiss her, I just look up at her and said "Yes, yes I am." She said "Do work at a gym or just do it by yourself?" This brought on an almost euphoric feeling. "No, I just do it mostly by myself" which she replied "Well good for you." Seriously moment of the Day.

The Jacket she was referring to is as follows and has quite a history. I bought last April(2010) at the Boston Marathon, in of course Boston. I went with two of my sister-in-laws, because one of them was actually running "The Boston Marathon". I almost didn't the jacket because it didn't really fit. But I am so glad I did. I really love this jacket, as the next few pictures will tell, but, I have to say it is looking a little loose.

Katie, Me, and Jenny in Boston April 2010.

April 2010 dream come true.

October 2010

Polson 5k October 2010

Cross country Skiing February 2011

Phoenix February 2011

March 15, 2011


A mill consisted of two heavy flat circular stones, one resting on the other. The lower remained fixed. The upper one was rotated, by means of a handle, around a peg fastened into the lower stone, and passed through a funnel-shaped hole in the upper one. Grain was poured into this funnel and ground between the two stones, and flour came out at the circumference. Small mills were worked by hand; larger ones were turned by an ass. (Matt. 18:6; Mark 9:42).

I have decided that I am a millstone, sometimes I am the lower fixed stone, and sometimes I am the upper one that is being rotated. But either way I am still being used to produce something useful.

These pictures are stolen from my friend Dixie's blog without her permission. Sorry Dixie. But thanks.

Yesterday I choose for myself to be the lower fixed stone. I just stopped. I slept in, I cancelled Kettlebell classes and forgot to phone two people who showed up. Stayed in PJ's took the phone off the hook, finished a book, did some laundry and dishes, made some bread, and phoned my sister. It was glorious, and yet my mind, wouldn't let it be. It was running rampant with oh my you missed your workouts...... blah blah blah. It finally ended with crying and me saying out loud. I AM ENOUGH. That seemed to abate the pressure. Today was better I felt more energetic, more on top of my game. The more I listen to want I need and it turns out ok the easy it gets to listen.
My goal this week is to not eat while on the phone, so if you hear munching while I am on the phone with you tell me to STOP, or hang up on me. What's your goal this week?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pounds, Cold Grounds, and Profounds

Hey I just noticed that this is my 51 post, wow how time flies. So I had a great week last week lost 4 pounds.

But even better, I think I figured out where I get my "fire" from. I get it from intense exercise. As some of you may recall I started P90x last week along with still leading Kettlebell classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But what I notice is that my eating is always way better when I am exercising a tonne, those things seem to go hand in hand for me. So it was a great week for me some "research" along with weight loss. YAHHooo!

My eating is still not perfect ie had 4 fries one night, had one cinnamon bun..... It makes me nervous sometimes because maybe the only reason I am losing weight is because I am literally working my tail off. What happens if I get hurt and can't exercise?

But you know what, I was hurt after my 1/2 marathon in September, and I figured it out. I just have to have faith that between me and Heavenly Father we can work it out.

I also had a profound thought come to me this week. Which makes me think of the scripture, in D&C 88: 18-19.
"And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, ashall receivebhealth in their navel and marrow to their bones;

And shall afind bwisdom and great ctreasures of dknowledge, even hidden treasures;"

Kind of funny how that works, exercising, eating right, study scriptures, writing in a journal followed by.....profound thoughts.

The thought that came to actually was in reference to another scripture, also found in D&C 18:15.

"And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one asoul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!"

What if, that one soul is actually me. What if, just me being converted unto Christ and his mission and life on earth, with my whole soul will bring me joy. How great will be my joy. This resonated with me. I find so much more joy now in my life now, because Heavenly Father has helped me stop the numbing. Or in other words stop over eating, because when I pick or overeat foods mindlessly it numbs me, and as Brene Brown puts it you can't just numb the bad parts YOU NUMB ALL OF IT.

One of my many good friends gave me a book that I was suppose to read a while ago, and on the insistence of another good friend I started it today. The book is called "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson. It is another Oprah inspired book, and I have only just begun but so far I'm hooked. It has also inspired me to add to the very bottom of my Blog a new box thing which I am going to call UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. Because the more I am in this journey, the more I realize that there are truths out there that anyone can receive from Heavenly Father, if they are searching for them. Now whether or not they acknowledge that they came from Heavenly Father is a whole other story. But here are some truths that I have found in this book so far.

"Information is important, but not usually sufficient, to motivate lasting changes in diet and lifestyle. If it were, we'd all be thin and healthy, as most people know which foods are heathy and unhealthy to eat."

"These behaviours aren't maladaptive, they're very adaptive-because they help us get through the day. They numb our emotional pain. Getting through the day becomes more important than living a long life when you're lonely, depressed, and isolated."

"The purpose of this course is to root out your fear, and replace it with inestimable love. It might seem odd to consider that fear is the source of your weight problem, and yet it is.......This course is not about your relationship with food;it is about your relationship with love."

"Intellectually understanding your body, your mind body connection, the physiology of exercise, or the realities of food metabolism mean little if you are addicted.....The fact that you yourself have anything figured out makes little or no difference to any of this. NO matter how smart you are, or how much 'work you've done on yourself,' you alone cannot outsmart the psychic force of compulsion and addiction....For this problem entrenched and pernicious as it is, you need spiritual forces to help you. For this, you need God."

"Our purpose is not to analyze your darkness but to turn on a light that, having been trapped within you, is now ready to blaze forth."

I have seen that come to fruition, my light has become brighter. I always had a light, but I feel like it was dulled or trapped underneath my, well here it is the "F" word, fat.

Ok that's it that is how far I have got, but so far so good.

Meanwhile, Jesse and I have got our Kettlebell website up and running. We should be adding videos, and more stuff soon. If you want to check it out


We took some fun pictures for the blog last week, and they turned out alright.

Isn't he the most ridiculously handsome man you have ever seen! I love my tough guy!

Yes bare feet just for you it was -7 and snowing!

The rest of these are just cool, it is amazing what you can do with a cool editing program.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Land of sun, fruit, and fun.

I had a great time in Phoenix and would go back in a heartbeat. I got to visit the Mesa Temple, do some serious shopping (including my first trip to Nordstroms, and DownEast Basics), and run outside without 10 layers of clothes on. Had some serious one on one with my husband Jesse. But as always pictures are better.

It is so hard to understand the beauty of this temple.

Just looking at this picture makes me feel cold.

Orange trees growing on the Temple Lawn.

No, I am not trying to be Eve, I asked a lady and she said we could take as many as we wanted. These are Grapefruit. First time I remember seeing either a grapefruit tree or an orange tree.

Spiky palm tree thing attacking me. The leaves aren't soft they are stiff. Just so you know for next time.

Yup you guess it first Catus.

The grounds around the Temple are so beautiful and well kept. It made me want to cry flowers in February just growing like it was no big deal. Well to a Canadian girl that is a very big deal.

My trusty Kaylynn came with me we had so much fun!

Temple and Hard Rock Cafe all in one day NICE!

Enjoying the Phoenix night life or in other words being outside after dark in capris and a jacket!

Proof that Jesse was there we didn't get a picture together, I know "Brilliant."

Ok I really can't explain how great that week was I have never done anything remotely like that in over 12 years. Which would put it pre kid. Unfortunately as great as it was, coming home felt like entering into a black hole, where I would be swallowed up forever, never to breath again without someone needing something. Good news is I have started P90X , and no I will not be sharing those photos for quite some time if ever. So I have been doing that since Monday and still leading some Kettlebell classes. Click on the word Kettlebell to go to our website about Kettlebells. Jesse is going the end of this month to become a certified instructor. The extra endorphins have helped keep me going and given me some fire. So hopeful I will see results on Monday at weigh in. At Group this week I found a great Quote by Brenee Brown, I highly suggest listening to her Ted Talks.

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we'll ever do."
I could talk forever about this quote but as you may notice by the time of this post it is rather late so instead I would love to hear your comments about this quote. Kenpo workout in only 7 hours must get sleep.